Ultra Comfy Sun Dress

I am wearing an ultra comfortable black and white sun dress today.  As you can tell, I love black and white.  I told myself I would concentrate on styling other colors combinations more, but then I found this dress!

Black And White Sun Dress

Sun Dress

Blac And White Sun Dress With Black Slides

Sun Dress

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Dress (Similar Here) / Shoes (Similar Here)

I found this dress at Dillard’s.  It is supposed to be a new item, but I was disappointed that I could not find it on their website anywhere!  I have linked a Similar Style by the same brand, but it is only available in one size.  If the size fits you and you are in the market for a new dress, I suggest you snatch it up while you can.  My dress is so comfortable and easy to wear.  It would be great to take on vacation, and you could wear it into early Fall with a jacket.  I also found this Dress and this Dress which is only $20 that are cute as well.

My shoes are vintage, but these Shoes and these Shoes would work well with this look.

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Please keep reading as I share what I am praying about this week!


Blessing Our Enemies

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.  Romans 12:14

Some of my prayers this week are going to be for my enemies.  It is very challenging to truly pray what is best our enemies.  This is something I have to actively pursue.  Our human nature wants to pray that God will discipline them, make them only agree with our points of view, and make them feel guilty for how they have hurt us.   We may even want to judge and take revenge.  Yet, would we want God to continually discipline us for our offenses against him.  Where would we be without the blessing of Jesus interceding on our behalf.  I know I’m thankful that God sent his Son to take away my guilt, not continuously remind me of it.  Each one of us has been offered a great gift in spite of our sins.  We are to show all others the same mercy, forgiveness, respect, and love.

Remember those who you feel have persecuted you this week.  Asks God to bless them in the same way you would want to be blessed.  Pray for reconciliation.  Pray to understand how the other person is feeling and what they may be experiencing.  Pray that they come to have faith in Christ if they don’t already.  Pray God will help you forgive and forget.




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