Green Twist Top And Black Cardigan

I have waited for a long time to share this cute green twist top.  I actually got it before the holidays and then the weather got too yucky to take photos.  It is a great top for layering now and wearing into spring.

Green Twist Top And Black Cardigan / Winter Outfit / Dressed In Faith

Green Twist Top And Black Boots

Twist Top And Articles Of Society Jeans

Green Twist Top / Dressed In Faith / Over40Fashion

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Cardigan (Similar)/Twist Top (Similar)/Jeans/Boots (Similar)

This top is so cute but a little thin if you live in a cold winter climate.  This One is a fleece sweater if you want something warmer.  Both styles can be worn into spring on a cool day.  My cardigan is old, but this One is on sale for just under $45.  You may get sick of seeing these Articles Of Society Jeans.  I just can’t help reaching for them with every outfit – they are so comfortable.

It has been a busy week of physical therapy appointments with my son.  He is doing really well, so it is hard holding him back from doing more than he should.  They are working with him to slowly build up leg and hip strength without aggravating his knee.  Ironically in my Post yesterday, I talked about making goals.  One of my long-term goals is exercising at least five times a week to keep healthy.  At his appointment, I actually learned a great new exercise to try!

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Being Peaceful

“If it is possible as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”  Romans 12:18

Yesterday, I talked about one of my goals is to try to practice true forgiveness and control my tongue.  While I cannot control what someone else does or says, I can control how I react and what I say.  As children of Christ, we should all practice being peaceful towards others who may not seek peace with us.  Let your light of peace shine brightly today.


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