How To Dress Up Jean Shorts

Whenever I wear jean shorts, I usually just throw on a tee with them for a low-key outfit.  Today, I thought I would do something a little different and dress up my jean shorts outfit!

Fashion Details
Halter Top (Similar Here And Here) / Jean Shorts (Similar Here) / Shoes (Charleston Shoe Company) / Earrings (Similar Here)

I just love all the halter style tops I am seeing this Summer.  They are great for wearing on a really hot day.  This One I am wearing is from Loft.  It comes in black with a white embroidered pattern too if you prefer.  Unfortunately, the sizes are very limited.  It does run large, so I recommend sizing down.  I also found this Loft Halter Top that comes in solid red or black.  It is on sale and currently comes in more sizes.  It also runs large.  I recently tried this Halter Top on from Banana Republic and loved it!  It comes in black, navy blue and this fun Green Pattern.  The material it is made from is really nice.  It has a dressier feel to it.  I would have bought it too if my budget would have allowed!

I also dressed up this outfit with these big earrings from Talbots that I got on sale.  I don’t usually wear huge earrings, but these are very light weight and comfortable.  These were closeout too, so I linked several alternatives.

My shoes are from Charleston Shoe Company.  I was going to wear a white, flat sandal with this outfit.  A red sandal would also look good.  As we were headed out the door to take pictures, my husband suggested I wear my navy blue sandals.  He did a good job picking out my shoes!

Thanks for reading today!  If you are a new viewer, I would love for you to Subscribe to follow my blog!  I am talking next again on judging others when it comes to our pastors.  I used this same passage in this Previous Post in case you missed it.  Please keep reading and have a wonderful day!


Judging Pastors

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”  Matthew 7:3

I am a pastor’s daughter.  While growing up as a pastor’s daughter gave me some very valuable experiences, it was not always an easy life.  The fact is my whole family was often under more scrutiny and judged differently than the typical family.  While preachers do indeed have a higher calling and will be judged accordingly, they are also imperfect humans.  It is important that they accurately present the truth in God’s Word, but like anyone else they also make mistakes.  They have personality flaws as we all do.  The same goes for their wives and children.  It is important that we treat them as we would want to be treated when we mess up – with love and compassion.

Here are some things to consider when relating to your pastor:

His personality and mannerisms may be different from you or what your expectation of a pastor looks like.  That does not mean his calling to the ministry is a mistake.  He should be treated with an open mind and more importantly with respect.

Remember he does not have just one or two bosses to please but a whole congregation of them.  He cannot always please every single person.  Sometimes you may not always agree, but that does not mean you are any more right than he is.

While a pastor’s wife understands what she’s signing up for when she marries a pastor, realize that often she was not called to the ministry you think she ought to be doing.  She is equipped with talents, gifts, and abilities that come from God just as you are.  She must follow God’s plan for her life like you should follow God’s plan for your life.  This is one job where the spouse and children are often unfairly saddled with unrealistic expectations that would never be placed on a spouse of someone with a lot of other  more traditional jobs.

Being a minister, a minister’s wife, or a minister’s kid can be very lonely.  There are some people who will always look at them differently and will not want to associate with them, because they feel like they always have to be on their best behavior.  Some have the perception that you can’t have fun around the preacher or their family.  It was also hard for me to feel comfortable around other people and just be myself as a preacher’s kid.  I often felt like I was judged more harshly when I made a mistake.

Kids born to a pastor and his wife are not given the option of whether they want to be a part of that type of ministry.  Just as the pastor’s wife has her own gifts and calling from God, so do the pastor’s kids.  They should be given the freedom to pick and choose the activities within the church they want to pursue just as your children do.

Whenever you do have a disagreement or criticism of your pastor, please discuss it in private.  Do not do so in front of his wife or children.  A pastor’s job is unusual in that he takes his family to work with him.  In most other careers, you probably would not ever have a disagreement or unfavorable critique of your job performance by your boss in front of your wife and children.

Pray for your pastor and his family this week!  Remember he and his family are not that much different from yours or any other family within the church.  Don’t expect them to be any more perfect than you are.  We are all alike in that we are sinners in need of a Savior.


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