Cold Shoulder Blouse And Pink Jeans

I found this beautiful blouse on the clearance rack at White House Black Market.  I just love the pink rose design.

Fashion Details
Blouse (Alternative Here And Here) / Jeans (Similar Here) / Shoes (Alternative Here And Here) / Necklace (Similar Here And Here)

As of now, this Blouse is only available in limited sizes.  I have linked several other cute choices.  I want to try to bring the best deals to you in fashion, plus I am working within a tight budget myself just starting out as a fashion blogger.  I am finding it is challenging to get out timely posts for sale items before inventory is gone!  I will always link good alternatives.  I am also still linking clothing that covers a variety of price points, since everyone’s clothing budget is a little different.  Always feel free to let me know what you would prefer to see here on the blog – strictly budget friendly clothing or clothing in multiple price ranges.

Even though this pretty Cold Shoulder Blouse is very on trend, the design and detail on it have a vintage feel to me.  That is why I chose to wear my cameo necklace with it.  While I don’t see anyone wearing cameos anymore, I like to wear classic pieces with trendier items.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match new items with the old.  Challenge yourself to create different outfit combos with the items already in your closet!

My shoes are vintage Clarks so I found some other alternatives for you to shop.  I continue to get a lot of mileage out of my pink Gap jeans.  I have been very pleased with them.  The Jeans I have linked from Gap appear to be the same style as mine but a lighter shade of pink.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Be sure to let your fathers and husbands know how much they are appreciated this Sunday and everyday!


Looking For The Best In Others

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”  Luke 6:37 

Why is it that we often want to find fault in others instead of looking for the best in them?  We do so sometimes with people we do like just as much as we do it with people we don’t like.  I think all of us look for the negative in others when we should not for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, I think we do it to feel better about ourselves.  Maybe, we do so to impress others with our wisdom or to show how we would handle a situation better.  Often, we would rather blame others than take any blame ourselves when something goes wrong.  Some of us like the drama and the gossip.  When someone has hurt us even if they are a friend, our senses are heightened.  We guard ourselves against further hurt or attacks  and try to defend ourselves by looking closely at their faults.  We look for them to make mistakes rather than to do what is right.  Obviously, we look for all faults in those we consider enemies.

In this verse, Jesus reminds us to not be so judgmental of others, because we will also receive that same judgment.  Instead, we are to treat others as we would want to be treated when we make an obvious mistake, with understanding and kindness.  Let this verse remind us to think twice before we speak negatively of someone, and why we may be doing this.  We need to try to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and try to understand what it is like to be in their position.  I know I want to try harder to look only for the good qualities in another person and not immediately zone in to only their faults.  Let’s all focus on lifting others up, speaking positive words, and looking first for the best others.



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  1. Well said my beautiful friend. It is one of my everyday highlights to read your “dressed in faith” posts. Thank you. Keep them coming.

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