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Hi everyone!  I am excited to share that I am adding a new Beauty category to the blog.  While fashion will be my main focus on the blog, I thought it might be helpful to share with you any makeup, skin care, or hair products that have worked for me.

Beauty Details
Clinique Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup / Clinique All About Eyes Concealer / Makeup Sponges (Similar Here)

I decided to add this section to my blog, because I get so frustrated when it comes to finding new products that work well.  I often spend more money than I want buying and trying out product after product until finding the right one.  If you are like me, it helps to hear about what other women use that works for them.  So if any of you have any suggestions when it comes to beauty products, please leave a comment or send me a message.  I would love to hear about it.

I want to start by sharing with you the foundation I use.  I have rosacea which makes my skin ultra sensitive and even at my age prone to breakouts.  My skin is also super oily especially in the t-zone area which doesn’t help the acne.  For my skin type, I have found Clinique makeup works really well.  I have been using Clinique Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup for several years now.  Unfortunately, I have really large pores that cannot easily be treated, since my skin is so sensitive.  I love how this makeup really covers my large pores when I take time to blend it well.  It also controls my oiliness without being too harsh on my skin.  Before using this, I used Clinique Super Balanced Makeup.  You may want to try it if you have normal or dry skin.  They also have a Super Balanced Silk Makeup and Even Better Makeup that gets good reviews online.

The next thing I use along with my foundation is Clinique All About Eyes Concealer.  I have dark circles under my eyes and puffiness.  This really helps cover that up.  I have also used the Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer which helps with fine under eye lines.  I never can decide which one to buy as I deal with all those issues!  Sometimes, I will alternate between the two.

In the past, I have just blended in my foundation with my finger tips.  Recently, I started using a damp sponge.  I really like how that gives you a nice sheer, natural look.  If you have really dry skin, I have heard mixing your foundation with a little moisturizer and smoothing it on helps with flakiness.

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Please continue reading as I share about my faith in today’s devotional!

Moving Beyond The Past

Who then is the one who condemns?  No one.  Christ Jesus who died – more than that, who was raised to life – is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.  Romans 8:34

If you are like me, there are things I have done in my past that I feel like I will never live down.  There are some not so nice things I have done and apologized for that people I love will unfortunately always remember.  This can often make us feel broken, ashamed, and guilty.  If we as Christians have apologized and asked for forgiveness from the person we offended and God, we must not let those feelings overwhelm us.

I know sometimes we question how can God forgive us.  We think that what we have done is so bad that God will never want anything to do with us.  As humans, we place sins in order of greater to least.  God looks at all sins as equally bad.  The sins I have committed are no worse or better than the sins you have committed.  Remember Satan wants us to feel defeated and to not believe or accept the precious gift we have been given which is complete forgiveness in Christ.

I have talked a lot in recent posts about guilt, but I think it is important to let go of it.  It stifles us and holds us back from the life God wants us to live.  If you are truly sorry and have asked Christ for forgiveness, you can be assured your sin has been forgotten.  Christ has interceded to God on your behalf.  Christ has paid your penalty and mine.

I want to encourage you today if you are dealing with brokenness from past sin.  If you have not, ask Christ for forgiveness.  Once you have done this, accept his wonderful gift.  Let go of the past mistakes and move forward.  God is not holding on to your mistakes.  He looks at you as pure having been washed in Jesus’ blood.





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