Mauve Orchid Top And White Jeans

I am loving that the weather is warmer, and I am able to wear this pretty mauve orchid top and white jeans.

Mauve Orchid Top With White Jeans And Tan Wedges

Mauve Orchid Sleeveless Top And White Jeans

Mauve Orchid Top And White Jeans

Kohl’s Top / Gap Jeans / Wedge Shoes (Similar Here) / Necklace (Similar Here) / Love This Life Bracelet

This cute Top with an asymmetrical hem is so comfortable and light weight for a warm day.  I love the mauve orchid color.  It also comes in black.  You will see me wear white jeans a lot here on the blog.  These Gap White Jeans are reasonably priced , and you can’t see through them.   My tan wedges are vintage, but these Clarks Wedges are very similar for a fabulous price.  I tried on some Clarks Wedges that were similar to the ones I linked, and they were so comfortable!  If only I needed some new tan wedges, I would grab these up in a heartbeat.

My amethyst necklace was a gift from my husband.  I have found several amethyst necklaces that would make great Mother’s Day gifts here:  Shana Gulati Amethyst Pendant  / 18k Rose Gold Amethyst Necklace / Infinity Pendant Necklace

My Love This Life Purple Bracelet would also make a great Mother’s Day gift.  In fact, you could add one of these stackable charm bangle bracelets that would make great gifts:  Love This Life Mom Heart Charm Bracelet / Love This Life Family Tree Charm Bracelet / Love This Life “Faith Hope Love” Cross Charm Bracelet

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Please continue reading as I share about my faith in today’s devotional!

Our True Home

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.  By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise.  For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.  Hebrews 11:8-10

I have mentioned before that I am a pastor’s daughter and moved around a lot as a child.  When my husband and I got settled into the town we though would be our forever home, we decided to have kids.  Our two boys came along, and life was going along as planned.  Then, we learned the plant where my husband worked was closing.  We had lived there for over thirteen years, which was the longest I had ever lived somewhere.  I was comfortable and happy that this was my children’s hometown.  I had never had a hometown that was familiar and where I knew everyone.

My husband’s family moved to different homes during his childhood, but all within the same town as his family grew.  I saw what an impact this had on him.   This combined with my own very different experience create a desire for stability.   I had wanted so much for my kids to never experience the heartache of leaving everything they knew and starting over.  I wondered why this was happening again to me and now to them.  Yet, I trusted God would take care of us.  I asked him to lead us to where he wanted us to go.  I had faith he had a plan for me to go somewhere else.  I had faith that he was going ahead of me working out all the details.

I didn’t realize until after we moved that maybe he wasn’t just leading my husband and I to where we should go.  He was also leading my children to where he wanted them to go too.  When God asked Abraham to go, he was working everything out not just for Abraham but also for his future generations.  My faith was stretched and grew as this path seemed likely for my own kids.  I have seen some of why God moved us to Indiana already in my life, my husband’s life, and in my children’s lives.  I am sure there is so much more to come with each of us and future generations.

As much as I would have liked to have grown up and lived in the same town all my life, I know my home is not here on this earth.  When I decided to follow Christ, my home was established in heaven.

If you are facing an unexpected move to somewhere different, have faith that God has an exciting, unrevealed plan for your life.  If you are wondering how you ended up where you are today, ask God to show you his plan and why he led you to this place.  If you are lonely and feel you have no real home, know that as a Christian your home here on earth is only temporary.  Your real home is with Christ in heaven.  If you aren’t yet a Christian, please know Christ loves you.  Turn your plans over to him, and he will not steer you the wrong way.



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  1. I am Dianna’s mother-in-law. Several years after my children left that childhood home and hometown, and a few years after my husband retired, we moved to a place where we had spent many happy days as a family on a beautiful lake in Tennessee. Our children thought their childhood home had been ripped away from them–one even said we don’t have “home” to come back to. (They still have wonderful memories and friends there though.) But when my husband passed away in our new home four years later, I felt God had allowed me to give him a great gift to die overlooking the place he so dearly loved. I knew God had known long before we did what our lives would be like there. You see, like Dianna, I, too, was hesitant about moving, in my case, to such a rural community. But today I am still here and love it. It has become home to me–and that feeling happened with our suffering here. Never have I felt so loved and cared about, partly because of the way the local people and our new friends embraced us with an outpouring of love and kindness during his yearlong illness–even though we were newcomers. Change can be good–I am close enough to go back to that childhood home and see old friends and still come back to a place I have come to love. And also I get to enjoy a spectacular view of God’s beauty and nature each day. So when God prods, listen–He knows what he has in store for you way before you figure it out.

  2. Very nice outfit. I am so glad to see a nice outfit on someone who is not a size 2 – it’s so hard finding inspirational outfits for “real” women like myself ! 😉

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