Spruce Green Fashion Trend

I don’t know if you prefer to call it spruce green, olive-green, or military green but this color is really trending for fall.

Fashions In Spruce Green

Fashion/Beauty Details

Sweatshirt (Similar Here)/Lace Top/Jacket/Handbag/Utility Vest/Nail Polish/Dress

After deep purple, my husband loves this color and is always picking out clothing in it for me to wear.  Though it is not my favorite shade of green, I must admit I started seeing a lot of cute fall outfits in this color last year and now again this year.  This has made me change my mind about adding it to my wardrobe.  For instance, isn’t this Ruffled Jacket adorable!  I have even considered adding some camo to my closet after seeing it on some other ladies.  My husband would be proud and probably wants me to go hunting with him!

If you are not sure about this color, you could try it out by adding accessories like this cute Handbag.  A really less expensive option would be trying it out with this Nail Polish.

Unfortunately, the sweatshirt sold out right before publishing this post.  I linked an alternative but it is not quite the same green.

Tomorrow, I have an outfit post with a pair of spruce green jeans from last year, so come back and visit!

Hope you all are doing well today!  My high school aged son was not in school for two weeks when I noticed he came home with the sniffles.  Then my college aged son came home over Labor Day with a cold.  My husband and I didn’t stand a chance!  Don’t you love school?!  I was never one of those moms who could stay well taking care of sick children.  When someone would come home with something, I got it every. single. time.  This made me think about all you moms out there with little ones still at home.  I pray you all stay safe and healthy this school year!


Your Work Matters

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,”  Colossians 3:23

We all have work to do.  There are times when we enjoy our work and when we don’t.  No job is without problems.  Some of us may work for a difficult boss, or with difficult people, or in other challenging circumstances.  We may be presently working for very little money or no pay.  We may be feeling under appreciated for what we do or think our jobs are of little importance.  As a result, we may be searching for something better.  Regardless of your situation right now, remember that God’s hand may have brought you to this place.  Your work, effort, and attitude are important to him.  Even if your efforts seem not to matter to others, they matter to God.  Give your best effort to him in everything you’re doing right here and now.


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