My Favorite Sweater

I am loving wearing this blush sweater I got over the Christmas holiday.  I especially like the lace detail on the sides.  It has become my favorite sweater to wear, and I don’t wear sweaters too often in the winter now due to hot flashes.  It got it at Kohl’s, and it is by Lauren Conrad.  I am really drawn to her clothing line lately.  Her clothing is very soft and feminine.  I have paired it with my American Eagle jeggings.  While it is hard to tell in the picture, these jeggings are a deep hunter green.

Here is a closer look at my outfit and the pretty lace detail on the sweater.


What God Wants From Each Of Us

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”  Psalm 119:105  NIV

What does God want from me?  What is his plan for me?  What should I be doing?  I spent so much time when I was younger asking myself these questions.  Then one day in a ladies’ Bible study I was attending, a friend stated that God just wants a relationship with us.  Our God is a jealous God.  His greatest desire is that we spend time with him. 

I started thinking about my relationships with my husband and friends.  What they want the most from me and I from them is time spent together.  If we want time together in our relationships with each other, then surely God wants time with us in our relationship with him.  He wants us to spend time in conversation with us through prayer.  He wants us to hear him as we read scripture.  Just as we want to be the top priority for our spouses, God wants to be number one in our lives.

So I encourage each of you in this new year 2017 to spend time each day developing your relationship with our heavenly Father.  Make it a priority to pray, read your Bible, and listen for God’s voice.  Then, you will see God’s hand guiding you each day in the small things and the huge things, shaping his plan for your life.





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