The Most Comfortable Leggings

Today, I am wearing a tunic with leggings.  The leggings are LuLaRoe and the tunic is Calvin Klein.  These leggings are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn!  LuLaRoe clothing has such fun prints and patterns.  Next time, I would like to style their Cassie skirt.  I tried one on and really liked it.  The tunic is casual and just the right length.  Tunic shirts with leggings and boots have been one of my favorite outfit combinations this winter.

I have had some readers sign up recently to receive my latest posts by email.  Thank you so much for joining me!  I have also had so much encouragement from family and friends who have read my blog.  Thank you all so much for the support!  I am going to try to start posting a lot more regularly.  I tend to be a perfectionist and have spent more time than expected designing and setting up this website.  I knew nothing when I started about web design.  It has been a fun challenge, but the whole point of doing this is to actually write posts!  Pray for me as I share with you each week!  Please feel free to share my posts with anyone who might be interested.  You will find several ways at the end of each post to do that on social media or by email.

Please keep reading as I share with you about a challenging time as I dealt with having breast cancer.


Seeking God’s Voice

“No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.  We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.”  1 John 4:12-13 NIV

There was a long wait between when I found out I had breast cancer and my surgery for it.  My family tried to reassure me that if my doctors thought my case was critical they would have bumped up my surgery date.  Try to tell that to someone diagnosed with cancer!  Thankfully, my tumor was very small and unaggressive.  Though my doctors thought it was very unlikely the cancer had spread elsewhere, the only way they could be certain was after surgery.

The only thing I could do was ask God to get me through the waiting.  I read my Bible and prayed.  I asked God for healing and that the cancer had not spread to the rest of my body.  I prayed for my family and about the stress they were dealing with because of my condition.  I waited and waited.  I thought as long as I could feel God with me and hear his voice I would be okay.  Yet, I felt like I heard nothing.  There were no firm reassurances, no revelations.  Even though I knew in my heart he would never abandon me, I kept asking him where are you?  Why don’t I hear you speaking to me?

Then one day sometime later, I realized something.  All that time I thought I heard nothing, God was right there bringing me much needed encouragement.  I felt his love through my family’s love for me.  I heard his voice through my family’s and friends’ words of encouragement.  God was there whenever someone at my church would come up to me and say they were praying for me.  God was there when someone would ask how I’m doing.  He was right there listening as I talked on and on to all these people about the details of my disease, my fears, and my hopes.

Each one of us who knows and accepts Christ into our lives has God’s living and breathing Holy Spirit inside us.  When we smile, give encouragement, speak truth, or listen to someone in need, God is right there smiling, encouraging, speaking truth, and listening through us.  Always take time to smile, encourage, and listen to someone each day.  Let God work and speak through you to everyone you meet.  You never know when it is just what someone else you encounter might need.


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