Green Blouse And Jeans

Hello everyone!  I am so glad to be back posting today.  I hated so much not getting out a post on Tuesday as I am trying to stick to a three times a week schedule.  It feels as if I have just been on a roller coaster ride this past week which I might write about in a future post.  For now, I am happy to say everything is all well and good!

I am styling a pretty green top, distressed jeans, and tan wedges.  I love that this green top as it can be dressed up or down.  It is no longer available, but these tops here and here are also cute.

These Earl jeans were supposed to be more of a skinny jean.  Instead, I would say the fit is more of a straight cut.  I really like how they are distressed.  The distressing is just enough not to be see through on these.  I just started wearing Earl jeans last year and really like them.  I will link some Earl jeans similar to these at the end of the post.

I also bought these shoes on sale at the end of the season last year.  I really love them, but they are not so good if you are going to be on your feet all day!  I am currently searching for another pair of nude shoes.  I will also link some I am considering.

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Putting Your Relationship With God First

Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  Matthew 22:37

I was going to write about something different today, but as I started to type the following words came pouring out.  So stayed tuned, tomorrow’s post may be on this same topic.  At the beginning of the year, I also wrote a post here on what God wants us to do in the new year.  So if you would like to go back and read that post, I am going to expand on it today.

I believe women in general are caregivers.  We are most often putting the needs of family or others ahead of ourselves.  Yet, we certainly need to remember to put our relationship with God ahead of anything else in our lives.  Now, I am not speaking today about our work in the church or volunteering to help others.  While those things are definitely important, I am talking about our spending some quality time each day with Christ.  We need to spend some time reading his Word, praying, and talking to Him.

Now, I realize how hard it is to carve out some time to fit one more thing into each busy day.  I am not perfect at it myself, but if I am honest there are other less important things I seem to have time to do.  For me, some of those things includes watching television or looking at social media.  How much more important it is to put some of these things aside and spend time with our Creator!

I know so many who get up early in the morning to spend some quiet time with God.  I think that’s great to start your day off with him.  I am not a morning person myself, though.  We are all different with different responsibilities that God has given us.  Despite this fact, I have struggled sometimes with whether or not I should make my quiet time with him first thing in the morning.

When I think about it, I have to ask these questions.  Shouldn’t we also end our day with him and plan ahead for tomorrow?  What about everything that happens in between morning and night?  Shouldn’t God be apart of every moment of our day?

My point is we just need to put him first in our plans.  We can do this not only in the morning but also in the evening.  Maybe, you might want to make your lunch hour when you spend time with him.  Reading your Bible during lunch may bring you a much needed break and refresh you for what lies ahead the rest of the day.

So I want to encourage you to join me today in putting our relationship with God first.


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