Blush And Purple

I am finally writing another post again!  Today, I am wearing a pretty blush and white sweater with dark purple jeggings.  I also got to take a few pictures outside though it was cold when I snapped these.

As you can tell by my hair, the wind was blowing quite a bit. LOL  I really love these American Eagle jeggings.  I have worn skinny jeans, but always thought the jeggings looked too tight and uncomfortable.  Well, I was wrong.  When I was shopping for them, another mom in the store was telling how much she loved the jeggings.  I ended up buying two pairs in different colors.

My necklace is from TJ Maxx.  It is gold with clear beads.  I like that it picks up the colors of whatever shirt I am wearing.

The past couple of weeks have been eventful!  It all started about a week before my husband and I were going to fly to California for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  We had to take my youngest son to the hospital about 1:30 AM in the morning and didn’t get home until after  5:00 AM!  This put me on a cycle of running behind with everything we tried to do up until the wedding!  Thankfully, my son is fine.  He is a high school wrestler, and his season had just ended.  He decided to keep training and help with the middle school team.  One night he came home from a practice and right before he got in bed, he started having severe pain in his ankle.  He normally takes pain very well but was just screaming in pain that night like I had never seen him do.  Finally, we decided to take him to the emergency room thinking he could have broken a bone.  It turned out to be muscle spasms or a strain.  He just needed some time off to rest and fluids.

I will share the adventure of getting to our destination for the wedding during that terrible recent storm on the west coast along with what I wore to the wedding in upcoming posts.  In the meantime, here is today’s devotional.


So Thankful For Christ

He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most High Place once for all by his own blood, having obtained eternal redemption.  Hebrews 9:12

Today, I am sharing another lesson from reading through the Old Testament.  Reading the Old Testament makes me so thankful for Jesus Christ and what he did to save me!

It is so hard for me personally to read about and keep up with all the animal sacrifices God’s people had to make for various sins in order to be in right standing with him.  There were so many rituals to follow to atone for sins committed.  I have a hard enough keeping up with everyday life as it is so it is pretty overwhelming for me to think about it all.  But Christ came as the final sacrifice for your sins and mine.  His death for our sins was once and for all.  Now, there is great freedom from those rituals and rules.  The way to gain God’s forgiveness is simple.  We just have to confess our sins, repent, make a commitment in our hearts to accept and follow Christ.  We can ask anywhere and anytime for God’s forgiveness in Jesus’ name.  Christ made the way for us to approach God directly with anything on our hearts instead going through a high priest.

I know this is something I often take for granted and reading the old Testament reminds me of how blessed I am to live after the time of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Let’s praise God this week for the final sacrifice of his Son and thank him for being able to approach him directly and personally.








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