Cozy Green Sweater

I am wearing a cute and cozy green sweater today.  Green is one of my favorite colors which is a good thing since it is suppose to be the color of 2017.

I got my sweater at Elder-Beerman.  It is over sized with zippers on the bottom sides that I have worn opened and closed.  I am also wearing my bronze and silver round neckless.

Thanks to all of you who have left comments on the blog.  I appreciate all your kind words and support.  I give all the glory to God!  He gives me the words as he teaches me these lessons.

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I hate to admit I tend to be a glass half empty kind of gal.  If you are like me and look at the negative side of things, please keep reading.


Is The World Getting Worse?

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28 NIV

I am currently reading through the Old Testament even though I am sharing one of my favorite New Testament verses.  Bear with me as you will see at the end of this post where I am going with this.  I will be sharing several upcoming posts about what I have learned, how I’ve become more appreciative of what God has done for me, and what has strengthened my faith thus far in my Old Testament reading.

This first one deals with a fear I have from time to time.  I fear the world in which we live.  I fear how it is becoming worse and worse.  People are unkind and mean.  There just seems to be tragedy after tragedy.  There are constant threats from other countries or peoples.  Our own country seems to be on a downward spiral.  Sin seems to be over running any kind of good.  Are things really getting worse?

Whenever I stop to really think about it and what reading the Old Testament teaches me,  the answer is no.  The world is really like it has always been.  People haven’t changed that much, nor have their sins.

Sin has always run rampant since the Garden of Eden.  People since the beginning have let it entice them to do horrible things.  I think the only difference now is we hear about it faster and see it as it is happening due to technology.  I just finished reading the book of Judges.  The whole book shows how people were constantly turning away from God.  The last few chapters end with rape, murder, and war within the tribes of Israel.

When I catch myself becoming fearful, I remember God is in control.  When I feel like there are more bad people in the world than good, I remember what God can accomplish through just a few who cling to him.

After the book of Judges is the book of Ruth.  It is the story of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz living in the time period of Judges.  Three people who were loving, selfless, and honored God above all else living in a world of chaos and evil.  Naomi and Ruth experienced great tragedy within their own family, yet they never turned from God.  God worked through their hardship for their good and to change the course of the world.  Little did they know that he was making them the ancestors of Jesus Christ.

Never forget how God can use your small acts of love and kindness to those around you in a mighty way.  Never lose hope in this life, because God is working for your good.




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  1. Diana. What an inspiration you are. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. Sounds like this might be a ministry God has equipped you for. Keep writing and sharing, my friend!

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