Blue Patterned Spring Top

We are going to have a really nice day here tomorrow (finally) so I have gone into full Spring outfit mode.  It has a fun pattern with a few blue sequins.  I love the three quarter length sleeves plus they are sheer.

I have accessorized this outfit with my favorite shoes.  These navy sandals came from Charleston Shoe Company, and they are cute and comfortable.  I have visited Charleston, South Carolina several times now and each time go by this shoe store.

I am going to be sharing about being more positive.  I woke up this morning intent on writing about this topic.  Then later in the day I got some unexpected news that was not very positive.  I guess either I needed to hear this today, or it is a testing of my faith.  At first, I just wanted to not post a blog today.  But I decided no matter what comes along, I am going to the best of my ability keep writing as God has called me to do.


Looking For The Positive

I know there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.  That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil – this is the gift of God.  Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

Lately, I have been focusing on heavier subjects.  I have been talking a lot about what I need to do better or areas in my life I need to address to improve.  I don’t want all my devotionals to feel like you or I need to beat up on ourselves all the time.  Even though this is lesson against negativity, I want us to focus on looking for the positive today.  I believe God wants us to be happy and enjoy the life he has given us.  Here are some ways we can enjoy today more.

Let’s be grateful!  I know this has been said time and again, but it is so important.  Whether the day brings trouble or not, being grateful and thanking God for all we have should be a priority each day.  I know when I sit down and list all the positives in my life they out weight any negatives.

Look for the good in the world!  There is so much good around us, but we hardly notice or see it sometimes.  We are just too busy and take it for granted until we come across someone else who is rude or having a bad day.  Most people I meet on a daily basis are helpful and friendly.  I rarely have a day where I encounter someone truly mean or where every person I meet is rude.  I have gotten to the point that I hardly watch the news anymore.  I’m not saying don’t watch it at all, because it is important to be informed with what’s going on the world.  However, you can watch the news twenty-four hours a day and end up feeling like there is no good anywhere to be found.  I love how every once in a while they will report an uplifting story like it is a foreign concept.  The fact is there are many more good deeds and genuine people in the world than we see or the media reports on any given day.

Let’s try to laugh more!  God created us with a sense of humor.  I believe he wants us to use it and not be so serious all the time.  Laugh at yourself even when you mess up or at the small annoyances that happen everyday.  It will put in perspective what is really important.  Watch a funny movie or television show.  Tell a joke.  Look for humor and try to laugh everyday.  This is a struggle for me, but sometimes we need to be silly and laugh with others at ourselves.

I think it is important for us women to try to do something positive for ourselves each day also.  Try to carve out a little time to do something we enjoy or something that takes care of you.  Each day passes too quickly.  Let’s enjoy each moment more.



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