Star Tank And Jean Shorts

This cute star tank and jean shorts outfit would be great to wear to the lake or a July 4th picnic.

Fashion Details
Star Tank Top (Similar Here And Here) / Denim Shorts / Sandals (Similar Here And Here)

This cute tank top came from Dillard’s, but I could not find it online.  I wish I could have, because it has such a cute cutout in the back.  If you have a Dillard’s store nearby, you may want to shop for it there.  It is perfect for the hot days of July at the lake or a July 4th fireworks show!  This Star Top and this One are also cute.  My Shorts are from American Eagle and fit me well much like their jeans.  My shoes are Yellow Box flip flop Sandals!  I just love Yellow Box sandals.  You can dress them up or down, and they have good support.

It was such a challenge getting these photos!  The wind was blowing like crazy.  We were also trying to take them just as the sun was about to go down.  Then, my husband was trying to get the ducks that were swimming by in the background!  LOL  The photography part of fashion blogging is still a huge challenge for me and my husband!  Practice makes perfect, so we will keep practicing!

I just want to say thanks to all of you who have subscribed recently to follow my blog!  I didn’t get to post as much last week as I wanted.  We went on a short trip over Memorial Day weekend.  I am also adjusting to a new schedule, since my teenage son is out of school.  I am certainly not complaining though.  I love Summer and the more relaxed schedule!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy these lazy days of Summer (well almost Summer)!



Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalms 27:14

When I think about it, it seems I have spent a lot of my life waiting.  I waited for my one true love.  I waited longer than expected trying to have a baby, then again for another.  I have waited for recognition, acceptance, rewards, healing, solutions to problems, and answers to prayers.  Waiting for something special can cause great hope, expectation, and excitement.  Most of the time though, waiting can be long and difficult when things don’t come as quickly as we want or need them.

The author of this verse David knew what it was like to wait.  Waiting on God’s promise to become Israel’s king was long-suffering and hard.  He spent much of his time waiting while running for his life.  Yet, he never gave up on God and his promises.  He trusted God’s timing.  His faith and hope never waivered.  He loved God with his whole heart through the good and the bad.

When I get impatient and want to give up waiting on God’s promises for me, I want to remember David’s example of perseverance.  I want to be content in the waiting.  I want to remain strong in my love, hope, and faith in the Lord.



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  1. Perfect summery outfit. My daughter asked me why I keep looking at fashion blogs since I have’t been able to buy any clothes in 6 months. Then I read your devotional and that’s the answer. I can really relate to your post on waiting. My husband lost his job 6 months ago to a company buyout. We are 58 and it has been a long time of waiting and wondering why God isn’t blessing him with a job. Your post is a reminder to never waver in our faith because God’s timing is perfect.

    1. I was in your situation a little over ten years ago when my husband’s plant closed. It was not easy, but looking back I can see how God was working things out for our good. I will pray for you and your husband! Also, I like to look at fashion blogs too when I’m not able to shop either. LOL

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