Side-Drape Tee And Jeans

I’ve got a really cute side-drape tee, jeans, and booties to show y’all today.  I guess by using “y’all” that I am showing my southern roots today.  I moved from Kentucky to Indiana a little over 10 years ago.  It seems like so much as happened since then, yet time has really flown.

Side-draped Tee And Jeans

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Wearing Your Off The Shoulder Tops Into Fall

It has been a warm Fall here in Indiana so far, and I am not complaining!  We are starting to get a few days where you need a sweater or jacket in the morning.  The afternoons are still getting pretty warm though.  For today’s outfit, I thought why not still make good use of those summer off the shoulder tops!

Off The Shoulder Top With Cardigan

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Black Fuffle Top And Spruce Green Jeans

Today, I am styling this black ruffle top with spruce green jeans to show you how to incorporate the latest green color trend for fall into your wardrobe.  I have never been a huge fan of the spruce green color (also known as olive or military green) but have had a change of heart after seeing this color in a lot of cute outfits this fall.

Black Ruffle Top And Spruce Green Jeans

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