Affiliate Links/Sponsored Posts

I want to be open and transparent with all of you who visit Dressed In Faith.  For that reason, it is important to let you know I use affiliate links on this website.  This means when you click on the links to shop or make a purchase I make a small commission.  You do not pay more for clothing or beauty products by shopping through Dressed In Faith.

I may also sometimes write a sponsored post.  This means the items I am featuring may have been gifted to me, and I am being compensated to write about them.  I will clearly state to you that this is a sponsored post.  I will also mark “C/O” (courtesy of) by any items that have been gifted to me.

Please know that I only feature or recommend brands and products that I would personally wear or use.  Remember all opinions expressed are my very own.  I write about my observations with wearing an item or using a product, while others may or can have a different experience with them.

Any commission I make helps me keep this website running, so I can bring you the content you enjoy reading.  So if you enjoy shopping or need to add to your wardrobe, please feel free to explore the links on this site.  Your support is greatly appreciated!